Newspaper items used in the compilation of this issue outline (see also the Web Links / Internet Information section)

NOTE: Items indexed from The Age are often syndicated in other Fairfax newspapers. Thus, the hyperlink below an Age item may lead to the same item on another Fairfax publication's website.

The Age:  September 8, 2012, Good Weekend magazine insert, page 17, analysis (photos - ref to pig shooters at Wilcannia and their outlook on life, death and religion) by Jack Marx, `A Christian shooting party'.

Herald-Sun:  October 1, 2012, page 24, editorial, `Time out on guns'.

The Australian:  November 24, page 3, news item by Imre Salusinszky, `Howard sticks to his guns'.

Herald-Sun:  December 20, 2012, page 30, comment by Charlie Bezzina, `Our gun laws stand with the world's best'.

The Australian:  December 19, 2012, page 7, news item by Salusinszky and Schliebs, `Fears review will lessen state's grip on guns'.

The Age:  January 15, 2013, page 11, comment (with Spooner cartoon) by Andrew Leigh, `Guns policy saving lives'.

The Age:  January 24, 2013, page 1, news item (ref to Australian manufacturer) by Dan Oakes, `Assault guns made here'.

The Australian:  January 18, 2013, page 4, news item by Imre Salusinszky, `Gun laws made us safer, Howard tells US'.

The Age:  January 18, 2013, page 12, editorial (on American reaction to school massacre), `Seizing the moment and the national mood'.

Herald-Sun:  January 19, 2013, page 30, comment by Ed Gannon, `Local laws hit the mark'.

The Age:  January 19, 2013, page 6, news item by Ireland and Hall, `Gillard hits back over gun imports'.

The Australian:  January 30, 2013, page 1, news item by Dan Box, `Islamic leaders join war on guns'.

The Australian:  January 30, 2013, page 9 analysis by Dan Box, `The merchants of death'.