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NOTE: Items indexed from The Age are often syndicated in other Fairfax newspapers. Thus, the hyperlink below an Age item may lead to the same item on another Fairfax publication's website.

H/SUN, July 18, 2013, page 28, comment by Judith Charlton, `Keeping older drivers on the road is the test'.

H/SUN, July 13, 2013, page 11, news item by Amelia Harris, `Time to hang up keys'.

AGE, August 5, 2013, page 14, news item (photos, statistics) by Tessa van der Riet, `Drivers over 70 twice as likely to die/ Motorist Fred makes a sacrifice for the safety of all'.

H/SUN, August 12, 2013, page 1, news item (photo) by Amelia Harris, `Brakes on our oldies / Eighty senior drivers forced to surrender licences a week '.

H/SUN, August 12, 2013, page 26, editorial, `Too old to be on the roads'.