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H/SUN, February 4, 2012, page 12, news item by Nathan Mawby, `Don't ban smacking'.

H/SUN, February 3, 2012, page 1, news item by Elissa Doherty, `Time to ban smacking'.

H/SUN, February 15, 2012, page 5, news item (photo) by Alex White, `Tough love makes bad kids'.

H/SUN, February 25, 2012, page 3, news item by Janet Fife-Yeomans, `Judge backs smack'.

AUST, March 3, 2012, page 16, comment by Angela Shanahan, `In the hubbub over parenting styles, it's not just the mother's story'.

AGE, April 6, 2012, page 9, news item, `No cane, no gain in the behaviour of students'.

AGE, July 29, 2013, page 18, editorial, `Why smacking should be regarded as a crime'.

AGE, July 26, 2013, page 2, news item by Rachel Browne, `Outlawing the smack'.