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1995-1996 Issue outlines by Jo McInerney

The issue outlines below may be used as an educational or general research resource. At all times, the author must be acknowledged.


  • Should the Easton Royal Commission have been set up?

  • Is gambling creating major problems in Victoria?

  • Are there sufficient controls on Australian journalists?

  • Does the law deal appropriately with young offenders?

  • Are Australian child care provisions adequate?

  • The O.J. Simpson trial and the American jury system.

  • Should police conduct high speed car chases?

  • Northern Territory heroin addicts and methadone programs.

  • Should abortion be legally available?

  • Should Ned Kelly be regarded as an Australian national hero?

  • Should the Governor-General have dismissed the Whitlam government in 1975?

  • The Azaria Chamberlain case: were the Chamberlains treated appropriately by the Northern Territory legal system?

  • Should pit bull terriers be eliminated from Australia?

  • Are the lyrics of some popular songs, such as those of the Australian grunge band, silverchair, likely to provoke violence?

  • Should wheel-clamping by private firms be banned in Victoria?

  • The Samantha Riley affair, drugs in sport, should swimming coach Volkers have been penalised?

  • Should condom vending machines be allowed in schools?

  • The Paxton case: should the unemployed be forced to accept job offers?

  • Should heroin be legalised / decriminalised?

  • Should an independent body investigate claims of corruptio in the Victoria Police?

  • Should Australia increase its number of uranium mines?

  • Should marijuana be decriminalised / legalised?

  • Should skateboards, bicycles and in-line skates be legally ridden on public walkways?

  • Should the fashion industry use ultra-thin models?

  • Should the "abortion pill" RU486 be freely available?

  • Should immigrants to Australia be required to live in rural or regional areas?

  • Should those in receipt of unemployment benefits be required to keep a diary of job-seeking activities?

  • Should cadet corps be formed in Victorian state schools?

  • Should pornography / explicit sexual material be legally available on the Internet?

  • Should Victoria's prisons be privatised?

  • Should AFL clubs merge?