2000-2001 Issue outlines by Jo McInerney

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2001 / 19:- Outline 2001 / 19: Should euthanasia and doctor-assisted suicide be legally available?

2001 / 18:- Women and sport: should pregnant netballers be banned from playing?

2001 / 17:- Should the work of popular songwriters, such as Eminem, be banned?

2001 / 16:- Should schools alter to better meet the needs of male students?

2001 / 15:- Federal funding of public and private schools: is the States Grants (Primary and Secondary Education Assistance) Act equitable?

2001 / 14:- Should boxing be banned in Australia?

2001 / 13:- Should women have front-line combat roles in the ADF?

2001 / 12:- Should the Fraser Island dingoes have been culled?

2001 / 11:- Is the Howard Government's anti-drug advertising campaign likely to be effective?

2001 / 10:- Internet adoption: should children be advertised for adoption over the Internet

2001 / 09:- The Victorian Theatres Act (1958): should films such as The Exorcist be banned on Good Friday?

2001 / 08:- Genetically modified food: should Australian states and local councils be able to declare their regions GM-free zones?

2001 / 07:- Censorship: should the Ridley Scott film Hannibal have been given an R classification?

2001 / 06:- Bat cull: should the grey-headed flying foxes in Melbourne's Botanical Gardens be culled?

2001 / 05:- Should the airlines be held responsible for the suffering and death of passengers due to DVT?

2001 / 04:- Does Australia treat asylum-seekers too harshly?

2001 / 03:- Should the members' stand at the MCG be demolished?

2001 / 02:- Should the murderers of James Bulger receive life-long protection from media exposure after their release?

2001 / 01:- Chequebook journalism: is commercialism perverting current affairs reporting?

2000 / 43 - 44:- Should the federal government apologise to Aboriginal people and do more to support them?

2000 / 41 - 42:- Should the federal government reduce the price of fuel in Australia?

2000 / 39-40:- Should great white sharks, especially those that have killed people, continue to enjoy protected species status

2000 / 37-38:- Did Australia act appropriately before and in response to Indonesia's annexation of East Timor in 1975?

2000 / 35-36:- The S11 debate: should authorities use excessive force to control demonstrators?

2000 / 33-34:- Conjoined or Siamese twins: should such twins be separated against the wishes of their parents, where one is certain to die?

2000 / 31-32:- Should some blood donors be banned to reduce the risk of transmitting CJD in blood supplies?