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2004-2005 Echo Issue outlines (September 2004 to Sept 2005)

Produced and supervised by Jo McInerney

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2005/22: Responding to suspected terrorists: was the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes justified?

2005/21: Should David Hicks be tried by an American military commission?

2005/20: ID cards: should Australia introduce a national identity card?

2005/19: Should Australia use nuclear power plants to generate electricity?

2005/18: Big Brother Uncut: should commercial free-to-air television programs be subject to greater regulation?

2005/17: Australian citizens tried in other jurisdictions: has Schapelle Corby been fairly treated?

2005/16: Should cattle grazing be banned in Victoria's Alpine National Park?

2005/15: Should restrictions be placed on Medicare funding for IVF procedures?

2005/14: Should the Australian Government have requested that roadworks be undertaken at Gallipoli?

2005/13: Should Prince Charles have married Camilla Parker-Bowles?

2005/12: Should brain-damaged woman Terri Schiavo's feeding tube have been removed?

2005/11: Youth violence: did the New South Wales government and police handle the Macquarie Field riots appropriately?

2005/10: Should tolls be imposed on the Mitcham-Frankston freeway?

2005/09: Should the federal Government attempt to limit or remove access to late-term abortions?

2005/08: Has the State government done sufficient to ensure the health of the Yarra River?

2005/07: Should roadside drug-testing of drivers be continued?

2005/06: Should the killing of Great White sharks off the South Australian coast have been authorised after the December 17, 2004, shark attack?

2005/05: Sexual abuse of minors: was the sentence given Karen Ellis appropriate?

2005/04: Should the partial defence of provocation be available to those accused of murder?

2005/03: Should women be consecrated as bishops within the Anglican Church in Australia?

2005/02: Andy Griffith's 'The Bad Book': should school libraries and booksellers carry this book?

2005/01: Should those private schools charging the highest fees have their Government funding significantly reduced?