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2005-2006 Echo Issue outlines (September 2005 to Sept 2006)

Produced and supervised by Jo McInerney

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2006/23: Anti-Semitic remarks: should Hollywood filmmakers boycott Mel Gibson?

2006/22: Should Australia use recycled water for human consumption?

2006/21: Should Asian elephants be brought to Australia to live in zoos?

2006/20: Should the ACT's Civil Unions Act have been overturned by the federal government?

2006/19: Should the ban on commercial whaling be lifted?

2006/18: Should Snowy Hydro Ltd have been privatised?

2006/17: Should Christians read or view The Da Vinci Code?

2006/16: Should only Australian veterans take part in the Anzac Day march?

2006/15: Should the Bald Hills wind farm project have been halted to preserve the Orange-bellied Parrot?

2006/14: Is Victoria doing sufficient to prevent knife attacks?

2006/13: Should alleged Holocaust denier David Irving have been jailed for three years?

2006/12: Is Tourism Australia's 'So where the bloody hell are you?' advertising campaign appropriate?

2006/11: Should newspapers have published political cartoons depicting Mohammad?

2006/10: Are the Cronulla riots evidence of significant racism in Australia?

2006/09: Have Queensland authorities done sufficient to prevent shark attacks?

2006/08: Is the Victorian Government doing sufficient to promote public transport?

2006/07: 2006/07: Should the abortion pill RU-486 be made available to Australian women?

2006/06: 2006/06: Should paying student union fees be made voluntary?

2006/05: Should Queensland's water supply be fluoridated? 2006/04: Should Singapore continue to impose the death penalty on those convicted of drug offences?

2006/03: Should American activist Scott Parkin have been deported from Australia?

2006/02: Should intelligent design be taught alongside evolution in Australian schools?

2006/01: Should American pit bull terriers be bred out of existence?