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2009/22: Should single-sex clubs such as the Melbourne Club and the Lyceum continue to exist?

2009/21: Should Australia introduce a nation-wide container deposit and refund scheme to reduce littering?

2009/20: Should pit bull terrier regulations be further tightened?

2009/19: Should it be illegal for parents to smack their children?

2009/18: Australian horse-racing: are the new regulations restricting the use of whips appropriate?

2009/17: Should women be allowed in front-line direct combat positions in the Australian armed forces?

2009/16: Compensation for asbestos victims: were the penalties imposed on James Hardie directors adequate?

2009/15: Should Australia retain no-fault divorce?

2009/14: Is Australia doing sufficient to combat cyberbullying of children and adolescents?

2009/13: Should the Australian government impose restrictions on fast food advertising to protect children?

2009/12: Should celebrities adopt children from under-developed nations?

2009/11: Is Australia racist?

2009/10: Should jumps racing be banned in Victoria?

2009/09: Should Nick D'Arcy have been banned from the 2009 World Swimming Championships?

2009/08: Should cyclists have to be licensed and pay registration fees?

2009/07: Should CEO's salaries and termination payments be reduced?

2009/06: Is muck-up day a significant problem in Australian schools?

2009/05: Should Australia supply foreign aid to fund abortion services?

2009/04: Should Victoria allow duck shooting in 2009?

2009/03: Should the date of Australia day be changed?

2009/02: Should former Prime Minister John Howard have received the American Medal of Freedom?

2009/01: Should Will Smith's film, Seven Pounds, be given at least an MA classification?