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2013 issue outlines

2013/22: Should Australian states use nets, drum-lines and other shark culling measures?

2013/21: Is sledging damaging cricket?

2013/20: Should the Australian Governor-General make public comments on political or social issues?

2013/19: Is enough being done to prevent youth suicide?

2013/18: Are Queensland's new laws to deal with bikie gangs too extreme?

2013/16: Should Australia's foreign aid be reduced?

2013/17: Should special conditions be imposed on elderly Victorian motorists?

2013/15: Should cigarettes be taxed more heavily?

2013/14: Should it be a crime for parents to smack their children?

2013/13: Is the Opposition's 'Operation Sovereign Borders' an appropriate response to asylum seekers arriving in Australia by boat?

2013/12: Should asylum seekers attempting to come to Australia by boat be permanently settled in Papua New Guinea?

2013/11: Is Australian politics prejudiced against women?

2013/10: Should marijuana be legally available for medical purposes?

2013/09: Should smokers be banned from lighting up in any public space?

2013/08: Should alcohol be advertised during televised sport?

2013/07: Should Victoria's national parks have been opened to private developers?

2013/06: Are Victoria's new duck hunting regulations a mistake?

2013/05: Should private companies be able to patent human genes?

2013/04: Have Australia's gun control laws been a success?

2013/03: Should Lance Armstrong be allowed to return to international competition?

2013/02: Should a tax be placed on soft drinks and other sweetened beverages?

2013/01: Should Australia continue to place asylum seekers in detention and process them offshore?