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2014 issue outlines

2014/22: Should torture be used on suspected terrorists?

2014/21:Should Australian states immediately legalise the medicinal use of cannabis?

2014/20:Should Australian schools continue to set homework?

2014/19: Should voluntary euthanasia be made legal in Australia?

2014/18: Risks in cricket: should bouncers be banned?

2014/17: Should horse racing be banned in Australia?

2014/16: Should Australians be banned from accessing commercial surrogacy services provided overseas?

2014/15: Should those wearing burkas and niqabs be segregated within the Australian Parliament?

2014/14: Should it be made more difficult for young, unemployed Australians to access Newstart and Youth Allowance?


2014/13: Should harsher penalties have been introduced for Victorian parents who leave their children unattended?

2014/12: Should Australian schools use corporal punishment to discipline students?

2014/11: Should AFL football be played on Good Friday?

2014/10: Should federally funded school chaplains be appointed to Australian state schools?

2014/09: Should the parents of obese children be charged with neglect?

2014/08: Should Australia have reinstituted Knights and Dames of the Order of Australia?

2014/07: Should Australia's retirement age be increased to 70?

2014/06: Should there be severe restrictions placed on cyclists sharing roads with motorised vehicles?

2014/05: Should Australia's Racial Discrimination Act be amended?

2014/04: Should Australia relax its regulations for adoption both within Australia and from overseas?

2014/03: King hit laws: are the new laws and regulations proposed for New South Wales appropriate?

2014/02: Should Australia legalise the sale and consumption of marijuana?

2014/01: The Australian Open Tennis Championships: are there sufficient safeguards against the effects of hot weather?