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2015 issue outlines

2015/22: Should Uber be made legal throughout Australia?

2015/21: Should the driving age in Australia be lowered?

2015/20:Should the voting age in Australia be lowered to 16?

2015/19: Should greyhound racing in Australia be banned?

2015/18: The killing of Cecil the lion: should trophy hunting be banned in Africa?

2015/17: Should R & B singer Chris Brown be denied entry to Australia?

2015/16: The removal of Tony Abbott: Should an Australian Prime Minister be removed from office without a general election

2015/15: The Adam Goodes booing controversy: Are AFL football crowds racist?

2015/14: Should the owners of domestic cats have to keep their pets permanently indoors?

2015/13: Should Australia reduce its commitment to wind turbines as an energy source?

2015/12: Should Australia legalise same-sex marriage?

2015/11: Should GST be removed from sanitary products?

2015/10: Should drivers be banned from using all forms of mobile phone while operating their vehicles?

2015/09: Should families that resist vaccinations be denied government benefits for their children?

2015/08: The Bali duo: should Indonesia execute foreign nationals convicted of drug smuggling?

2015/07: Should Australia abolish penalty rates?

2015/06: Should crocodile safaris be allowed in the Northern Territory?

2015/05: Should alcohol sponsorship of sports and advertising during sports telecasts be phased out?

2015/04: Should alcohol be served at fast food outlets like KFC?

2015/03: Should all Australian states ban factory farming of pigs and chickens?

2015/02: Should the aerial culling of brumbies in National Parks be allowed?

2015/01: Should Australia extend the GST to include fresh food?