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2016 issue outlines

2016/22: Should South Australia become the site of an international nuclear waste storage facility?

2016/21: Should there be a ban placed on foreign, corporate and union donations to political parties?

2016/20: Should shark nets be deployed in the waters off northern New South Wales?

2016/19 :Should Victoria legalise euthanasia?

2016/18 :Should asylum seekers who attempt to come to Australia by boat be permanently denied any type of access to Australia?

2016/17: Is the closure of the Hazelwood power station being properly handled by State and federal governments?

2016/16: Should Donald Trump have been confirmed as President of the United States?

2016/15: Should some French cities have banned the burkini?

2016/14: Did Australia spend too much in preparation for the Rio Olympic Games?

2016/13: Should Australia hold a plebiscite regarding same-sex marriage?

2016/12: Does the new AFL women's competition represent an advance for women's sport?

2016/11: (still being compiled and written)

2016/10: Should the New South Wales government have banned greyhound racing?

2016/09: should Britain leave the European Union?

2016/08: The Orlando massacre: Should the United States ban suspected terrorists from buying guns?

2016/07: Should fines and/or imprisonment be imposed on those who beg in the streets of Australian cities?

2016/06: Should tourists be permitted to climb Uluru?

2016/05: Should animals be used for product testing, medical research and surgical skills training?

2016/04: Women firefighters: should targets be set to foster increased female recruitment into firefighting services?

2016/03: Should Australia impose a tax on sugar-sweetened soft drinks?

2016/02: Should Australia adopt the Safe Schools Program?

2016/01: Sexism in sport: was the reaction of the Australian sporting community to Chris Gayle's treatment of Mel McLaughlin appropriate?