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The Australian:  January 4, 2013, page 1, news item by Sean Parnell, `Smokers set to be taxed out of habit'.

The Age:  January 4, 2013, page 3, news item by Rachel Wells, `Tobacco shop smokescreen packs face scrutiny'.

The Australian:  August 1, 2013, page 1, news item by David Crowe, `Smokers to cough up $5.3bn for budget'.

The Age:  August 1, 2013, page 4, news item by Kenny and Martin, `Smokers to carry heavy tax increase'.

The Australian:  August 6, 2013, page 12, comment by Judith Sloan, `Poor smokers are an easier target than mining companies'.

The Australian:  August 6, 2013, page 6, news item by Sean Parnell, `Quitting "best way the poor can save"'.

The Australian:  August 5, 2013, page 14, comment by Jane Rankin-Reid, `Morality lost in cloud of smoke'.

The Age:  August 3, 2013, page 6, news item by Tim Colebatch, `Danger: smokes tax causes inflation'.

Herald-Sun:  August 2, 2013, page 31, comment by Philip Hudson, `Smokers are fuming but they're an easy target'.

The Australian:  August 2, 2013, page 6, comment by Nick Cater, `A numbers game of blowing smoke' .