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NOTE: Items indexed from The Age are often syndicated in other Fairfax newspapers. Thus, the hyperlink below an Age item may lead to the same item on another Fairfax publication's website.

The Age:  January 28, 2013, page 8, news item (photo) by Tom Arup, `Public access to wetlands restricted'.

Herald-Sun:  March 18, 2013, page 2, news item (photo) by E Portelli, `Farmer shot by duck-hunting child / Unfriendly fire'.

The Age:  March 17, 2013, page 11, news item by Toscano and Gough, `Duck protesters fished out'.
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The Age:  March 16, 2013, page 5, news item by Tom Arup, `Duck hunt begins'.
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Herald-Sun: March 25, 2013, page 17, news item (photo of Laurie Levy), `Protected birds "massacred"'. (No online link)