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NOTE: Items indexed from The Age are often syndicated in other Fairfax newspapers. Thus, the hyperlink below an Age item may lead to the same item on another Fairfax publication's website.

The Australian:  January 12, 2013, page 13, comment (photo of Tony Abbott with wife and daughters) by Christine Jackman, `Dangers of an artificial gender war'.

The Australian:  January 23, 2013, page 10, comment by Janet Albrechtsen, `PM's fake feminism is man made'.

The Australian:  February 18, 2013, page 13, editorial, `Misogyny attack misses mark'.

The Australian:  March 30, 2013, page 14, comment by Angela Shanahan, `For the new feisty Gillard, misogyny is just so yesterday'.

The Age:  April 16, 2013, page 29, comment (ref in part to media treatment of Gillard) by Sally Young, `PM eyed through the sexist lens of our time'.

Herald-Sun:  June 13, 2013, page 30, editorial, `Give policy not poison'.

Herald-Sun:  June 13, 2013, page 13, comment by Andrew Bolt, `Deceit, conceit of Julia's latest blue'.

The Australian:  June 13, 2013, page 13, editorial (with cartoon), `Julia Gillard's clumsy and manipulative gender war'.

The Age:  June 13, 2013, page 22, comment (photo of Tony Abbott) by Anne Summers, `Women should beware Abbott's blue-tie brigade'.

The Age:  June 13, 2013, page 4, comment by Tony Wright, `Gillard joins the dots and tries to control message'.

Herald-Sun:  June 20, 2013, page 13, comment by Andrew Bolt, `You can't hide behind a skirt, Julia'.

The Age:  June 18, 2013, page 29, comment by Tim Colebatch, `Labor needs new policies, not just a new leader'.

The Age:  June 18, 2013, page 20, comment by Lindy Edwards, `Twisted ideas about sex and power still rule'.

The Age:  June 18, 2013, page 18, letters (with cartoon) incl, `Stuff of hatred, and not just of Gillard'.

Herald-Sun:  June 17, 2013, page 21, comment by Rita Panahi, `Arnie's not a good look for a feminist PM'.

The Australian:  June 17, 2013, page 11, letters, incl, `Gillard's woes have nothing to do with being female'.

The Age:  June 17, 2013, page 20, comment by Amanda Vanstone, `Gillard bought voters' contempt upon herself'.

The Age:  June 16, 2013, page 17, comment by Chris Johnson, `Sexist abuse served up to the Prime Minister finally reaches its nadir'.

The Australian:  June 15, 2013, page 18, comment by Angela Shanahan, `Mr Abbott, don't let those gender-obsessed, post-60s feminists distract you from your goal' (see also page 21 cartoon).

The Age:  June 15, 2013, page 20, editorial, `Show due respect, please'. (Online version: scroll down to second editorial)

The Age:  June 15, 2013, page 18, analysis / background (photo of PM and partner) by Damien Murphy, `Sexism dogs women in power'.

The Age:  June 15, 2013, page 6, news item (ref to Howard Sattler interview) by H Aston, `Radio DJ's attack on PM's partner ends in sacking'.

The Australian:  June 14, 2013, page 11, editorial (with cartoon), `Facts are off the menu in this twitstorm of smear'.

The Australian:  June 14, 2013, page 10, comment by Graham Richardson, `The PM misses the mark yet again'.

The Australian:  June 14, 2013, page 4, news item / background by Mark Schliebs, `Bad-taste Julia joke is as old as the internet'.

Herald-Sun:  June 26, 2013, page 25, comment by Jeff Kennett, `Gender war just another Gillard flop'.

The Age:  June 25, 2013, page 28, comment by Marilyn Lake, `How the PM's gender took over the agenda'.

The Age:  June 24, 2013, page 21, comment by Kaye Darveniza, `Make a graceful exit, PM, while you still can'.

The Age:  June 22, 2013, page 16, comment by Anna Goldsworthy, `Missing Messiah: "getting stuff done" helped Gillard dodge the Golden Girl trap but became her un-doing'.

The Age:  June 21, 2013, page 18, comment by Gay Alcorn, `Misogyny aside, Gillard is her own worst enemy'.

Herald-Sun:  June 3, 2013, page 24, comment by Beverley O'Connor, `Gillard's fall stands as warning to women'.

The Australian:  June 29, 2013, page 17, comment by Kate Legge, `Gillard eases the way for the next female Prime Minister'.