Newspaper items used in the compilation of this issue outline (see also the Web Links / Internet Information section)

NOTE: Items indexed from The Age are often syndicated in other Fairfax newspapers. Thus, the hyperlink below an Age item may lead to the same item on another Fairfax publication's website.

Newspaper items used in the compilation of this issue outline
Herald-Sun:  November 27, 2012, page 8, news item by Brigid O'Connell, `Smokers on notice'.

The Age:  November 27, 2012, page 3, news item by Kate Hagan, `Smokers may face new bans'.

The Age:  October 11, 2012, page 3, news item, `Smokers may have to cough up $140 at beaches'.

The Age:  January 31, 2013, page 8, news item by Jason Dowling and Hope Holmberg, `Smoking ban not practical, says mayor'.

The Age:  January 30, 2013, page 1, news item by Jason Dowling, `Butt out wherever you are: push for world's toughest smoking ban'.

The Age:  February 1, 2013, page 12, editorial, `Smoke-free should not mean an outright ban'.

The Age:  February 8, 2013, page 2, news item by Kate Hagan, `State "lags" on outdoor smoke bans'.

Herald-Sun:  February 11, 2013, page 20, comment by Alice Clarke, `Time smokers were made to clear the air'.

Herald-Sun:  February 11, 2013, page 15, news item by Aleks Devic, `Smoke ban lip service'.

The Age:  May 8, 2013, page 16, news item, `Passive smoke hurts teenage girls' hearts'. (small news item - no internet link)